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Looking for a place to showcase your music? Want to rate music? Want more feedback, plays and followers? Want the others in the EDM community to hear your songs?

This website is for all record labels, Music artists, DJs and producers and those who enjoy great original underground music.


RateOurTracks is a new concept and growing community that allows Artists, Producers and DJs to share and showcase their music and get feedback, new fans and possibly get recognized worldwide.

This is the talent hub, a scouting ground for labels and others to find new talent and discover new artists and music and for up and coming DJ’s and producers.


Get spotted like Skrillex, Avicii, Afrojack and many others did; through blogs and by gaining a bigger presence online by making great music and attracting more followers through online social platforms.

It also provides a free extra way for artists to make money with their music by allowing others purchase their tracks through different online stores, but most importantly for people to give feedback  and enjoy each others music projects.

Just submit your link and let others follow you on soundcloud, facebook and mixcloud, play your music live and gain more fans and followers.

So let us help you and you help us to grow!

How it works

  • Create an account either by signing in with your SoundCloud or Facebook account and submit your track(s)/mixes/sets from anywhere on the web (soundcloud, youtube, mixcloud and zippyshare).
  • Once the link is submitted, others can vote your music up or down, comment, give feedback and even purchase your music (through Itunes and Amazon).
  • It’s simple, the more votes a track gets the higher it is on the standing order, thus more spotlight for the artist.
  • There is also a forum part of the website where users can ask questions, collaborate and give advice.
  • We believe that it’s important that up & coming DJ’s and producers get feedback and have a place to showcase their work to the world and that there is a community of artists all supporting each other producing, and each other’s music.
  • This website is for you to submit your music, get feedback, give feedback, collaborate and most importantly; get spotted.
So Join, and Start Sharing!